The Power of Content – Create Emotion and Drive Advertising ROI, Mediaprobe at the ARF OTT 2023

Once again, advertisers, agencies, media companies, research companies, and ad tech are brought together by the ARF into one conversation about “Navigating the evolving media landscape”. This year’s ARF OTT event will provide research-based insights on viewer behavior, cross-platform measurement solutions, advertising innovation, LGBTQ+ representation, and improving the effectiveness of promotions.

As part of the lineup of industry experts, Pedro Almeida, CEO of Mediaprobe, will explore the pivotal role of emotion, a key driver in today’s media world. Emotion is the linchpin that holds the attention of viewers. Without it, the chances of engaging audiencesimprinting brands in their memory, and motivating them to take action diminish significantly.

Content wields the remarkable ability to craft unforgettable experiences, but this magic only unfolds when it evokes an emotional response. So, the pertinent question is: how do we go about measuring this emotional reaction reflecting true audience engagement, to tap into the immense potential of emotion?

Pedro will share Mediaprobe’s research-driven insights on ‘The Power of Content’ and how the industry can harness this power to not only create opportunities for leaving lasting impressions but also to boost advertising ROI.

Mediaprobe’s CEO will also join a panel discussion on attention metrics featuring Duane Varan, Ph.D., CEO of MediaScience, and Jeff Bander, President of eye square USA. The moderator for the discussion will be Scott McDonald, Ph.D., President and CEO of ARF.

Join us on October 24, either in-person or virtually, to hear from leading media and measurement experts as they share the latest data, discuss its implications, and offer predictions for the future.

Send us an email to meet with Pedro and the team to discuss next-gen media measurement.

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