Emotional Highs and Lows: The Unforgettable Moments of Eurovision Song Contest 2024

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest outshined last year’s event in terms of engagement among viewers. Switzerland’s winning moment was a highlight, evoking strong emotions. However, the broadcast’s most impactful moment was probably not what everyone had expected. Can you guess which moment it was? Keep on reading to find out.

Eurovision Song Contest 2024 broadcast more engaging than last year’s

The Eurovision Song Contest broadcasts remain an important place where loyal viewers continue to meet for three nights of musical extravaganza. Compared to last year’s event, the 68th Eurovision Song Contest broadcast on BBC had a higher emotional impact on the audiences, achieving +8% Emotional Impact Score (EIS). 

Switzerland winning moment 

The emotional impact of the moment when Switzerland was announced as the winner was well above the session’s average with +53% EIS.

To enhance learning, we deployed a post-session survey which revealed that 64% of panelists thought Switzerland winning was a fair result.

Mediaprobe Dashboard, Eurovision 2024, Switzerland Winning Moment

The most impactful moment

The most impactful moment of this year’s Eurovision final was neither a part of any country’s performance nor one of the comic interludes by the epic host duo Malin Åkerman and Petra Mede. 

The moment when the United Kingdom received 0 points from the public was one of the most standout moments in terms of emotional impact with EIS +109% above the session average. This result can be attributed to the fact that our panel for the 2024 Grand Final session was composed of UK citizens.

Mediaprobe Dashboard, Eurovision 2024, Public Point Allocation to the UK

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 broadcast surpassed last year’s in viewer engagement, with (un)expected emotional highlights like Switzerland’s win and the UK’s 0 points moment. One thing is certain – the #ESC2024 was a memorable event for occasional viewers and fans alike!

What is the Emotional Impact Score (EIS)?

What people feel. Emotional Impact Score (EIS) tracks emotion second-by-second and correlates it with specific elements of the audiovisual content. EIS is calculated from the audience’s electrodermal activity — measured through galvanic skin response, GSR. GSR is a scientific way to reliably and predictably measure a person’s actual emotional reaction to what they see and hear, providing an objective view of audiences’ attentiveness and engagement. 

How can Emotional Impact measurement support content optimization?

Content creators and distributors now have the means to measure and act on their audience’s emotional engagement, grasping the true value of their content. Why depend on intuition when data can reveal if your content is truly engaging your target audience?

Mediaprobe Content Optimization solution answers questions such as:

  • What were the most impactful moments of the broadcast?
  • How does emotional engagement of programming compare to competitors and norms?
  • Which editing choices keep viewers engaged?

And more.

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