Social Media Disclaimer

At MindProber, our community is everything. We are grateful for our active panel community and followers, and people that may embrace this project as their own in the future – by becoming panelists and joining us on our mission.

MindProber stands for meaningful, respectful interactions across all our channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit. We are happy to provide a place where you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and constructive criticism. There are several of our active communities online where we encourage you to actively participate in and initiate open discussions. We look forward to your valuable feedback, always.

It is very important to highlight that we do not support any disrespectful, offensive behavior towards anyone – that being our community, clients, and anyone inside or outside the sphere of MindProber.

Before you post, make sure to read the below policies that apply to all our channels.

While community management makes an effort to moderate content posted, we do not moderate all comments and cannot always reply promptly. The community management holds the right to review, edit and/or delete any inappropriate comments. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Abusive comments about another participant, client, or content posted.
  • Redundant comments that do not present value in a specific context (e.g., promotion of groups, websites, or others not related to the company).
  • Comments that use foul language and/or hate speech.
  • Comments that include fraudulent, inaccurate, libelous, or misleading information regarding, but not limited to MindProber, its competitors, and/or clients.
  • Comments that are defamatory, abusive, discriminatory, or demeaning.
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  • Comments that spam, solicit, advertise, promote, or endorse any commercial, financial, political, or governmental organization.
  • Comments that include marketing messages or URLs to external sites with a promotional purpose.

It is crucial for community members to respect content posted and interact in an assertive note. We value you and your opinions and comments, as long as they do not cross an implicit barrier of respect towards others.

We count on you, every day, to build a community where everyone feels comfortable, and where respect and empathy are key to continue thriving in the world of media measurement – together.

By submitting content to any of our social platforms, you expressly understand and acknowledge that this information is available to the public and that it may be used for internal and external promotional purposes and fundraising purposes that go beyond our responsibility as to data you have made public. Please note that other participants may use your posted information beyond our control. If you do not wish to have the information you have made available, please do not post.