Case Study: UCL Final 2022 Audience Engagement - Advertising

The results of our UEFA Champions League Final 2022 exclusive audience emotional engagement study showed that the UCL final’s commercial breaks draw highly different engagement levels between two key locales – US and UK. 

Also, find out how the UEFA Champions League’s Official Sponsors’ scored on brand recall and what was the winning advertising combination.

We share with you insights into:  

  • Editorial vs. Commercial Time 
  • Brand Recall
  • Winning Advertising Combination
Live Sports
Broadcasters and Sports Organizations

Why measure the emotional impact of UCL Final 2022?

Emotion builds fandom MindProber

We measured the emotional impact of this major sporting event using our unique real-time media analytics solution. With insights into the viewers’ emotional experience of the UCL Final 2022, producers, distributors, and brands/sponsors can support what they think is right and optimize their future commercial (and broadcast) decisions.  

Understand the value of your content

When we see a response to an ad, we know that the response reflects the emotional properties of the ad AND the power of the content (in this case, live sports event).   

  • Ads have inherent properties that make people engage more – placement matters
  • Different content moments influence a consumer’s reaction to an ad 

For the first time, content producers, distributors, and brands have a way to measure and act upon audience emotional engagement – to understand the true value of content/media property (How much is it worth?) and directly impact its value: 

  • Price and optimize advertising breaks
  • Advertise on a second/split screen
  • Activate sponsors or promotions 

 To sell emotion, you need to measure emotion.

Learn how audiences are reacting to your content.