One-pager Case Study:
Ensure Optimal Ad Placement by Monitoring Live TV (and Radio) Entertainment Broadcast

In a fragmented media landscape and with the shift away from free-to-air channels, media buyers seem to be increasingly reluctant to rely on viewership numbers alone when valuing sponsorship and commercial space.

Brands and agencies are demanding the use of attention and engagement metrics to look beyond reach and frequency. Why? They want to understand the true impact of their campaigns giving rise to the so-called attention economy.

An official sponsor of a major sports event challenged us to:

  • Provide a metric on the ability of a specific sports property to deliver engaged audiences, leading to an impactful commercial break
  • Understand, as future learnings, which ad positions/breaks lead to the most impactful ads
Entertainment/Live Sports
TV (and Radio) Broadcasters, Commercial Brands
Live Data Collection and Ad Detection