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Our first week as Mediaprobe

Our First Week as Mediaprobe

Last week was an eventful one at Mind… sorry, Mediaprobe. We began by announcing our rebranding, followed by our participation in two important industry conferences to showcase our innovative work in media measurement, and concluded with Mediaprobe being selected to be a part of the most recent cohort of one of Portugal’s most important scaleup programs

All while measuring and tracking hundreds of hours of media content to help our clients optimize their products, and gathering data for our EIS Scoreboard, which showcases the most emotionally engaging shows in the United States.

Evolving from MindProber to Mediaprobe

Our rebranding of MindProber to Mediaprobe reflects our commitment to setting a new standard for media measurement.

We have come a long way since we began seven years ago with the goal of delivering automated consumer neuroscience at scale. Throughout this journey, we have grown, improved, and innovated to the point where we are now focused on providing the most reliable metric to measure the true emotional engagement of all media content, regardless of channel.

The rebranding of the company as Mediaprobe was the natural conclusion of this process, establishing a new stepping stone on the company’s path. In our CEO’s letter, you can learn more about the reasons for the name change, as well as our thoughts on how we will continue to approach and change media measurement.

Usually, a rebranding is more than enough to keep a company busy during the week of its launch, but not for us. We decided to launch our new name during a week in which we would also be present at two of the industry’s most important conferences to showcase some of our ground-breaking products. That allowed us to demonstrate the power of Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) as a valid and reliable metric with predictive capabilities when applied to media content.

Attention 2023 – Showcasing Mediaprobe’s Quality Impressions Metric

On June 7, our CEO, Pedro Almeida, was one of the keynote speakers at the Advertising Research Foundation Attention 2023 event, which brought together leading experts and industry partners to discuss the attention economy, specifically the attention measurement landscape.

In a presentation titled “Why We Should Be Looking Closer at GSR as a Measure of Impression Quality,” Mediaprobe’s CEO demonstrated how GSR signals are sensitive to the emotional and attentional demands of content, and how this translates to heightened responses to advertising. It was also an opportunity to highlight Mediaprobe’s progress in isolating and modeling the effects of context and creativity on GSR responses to ads.

Mediaprobe at IEEE CAI 2023 and Attention 2023

Combining GSR and Machine Learning to predict network churn

The previous day, June 6, our Science and Innovation team was present at the 2023 IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence to present a paper about the use of GSR to predict network churn.

Titled “LSTM-based network churn classification from EDA phasic data”, the paper illustrates how Mediaprobe uses machine learning to predict the likelihood of viewers changing channels, achieving a classification accuracy of network churn of 71% and showing the relevance of GSR signals in the anticipation of media churn. (If you’re interested in learning more, contact us for a copy of the paper.)

Scaling Up Media Emotional Engagement Measurement

Finally, we wrapped up the week by being one of the eight companies selected for the second cohort of the Unicorn Factory Lisboa Scaling Up program, which focuses on helping promising companies scale up their businesses and teams through an intensive but tailored program. We look forward to what we can learn and share with the other amazing teams in this cohort. 

Beatriz Ribeiro, Mediaprobe Head of Client Delivery & Insights, at the Scaling Up by Unicorn Factory Lisboa
Beatriz Ribeiro, Mediaprobe Head of Client Delivery & Insights, at the Scaling Up by Unicorn Factory Lisboa
-Image courtesy of Unicorn Factory Lisboa.


Our first week as Mediaprobe was, in fact, a busy but very productive one, setting the tone and pace of what we expect to continue in the upcoming months. Follow our updates to be the first to understand how media measurement is changing, and how true emotional engagement allows content producers, distributors, and brands to achieve better business results.

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