MindProber NBCUniversal winning paper AudiencexScience 2023

MindProber – NBCUniversal to present joint winning paper at AUDIENCExSCIENCE 2023

In-home Psychophysiological Television Measurement AudiencexScience 2023
In-home Psychophysiological Television Measurement; Image courtesy of the ARF

MindProber helps NBCUniversal leverage psychophysiological television measures collected in scale to prove the value of its IP. MindProber CEO Pedro Almeida and Lauren Zweifler from NBCUniversal will talk more about our partnership at this year’s most important audience measurement event – AUDIENCExSCIENCE 2023, Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)’s flagship conference.

Lauren and Pedro will present on April 26 in New York and share how the two teams are bringing innovation to TV attention measurement using scalable in-home psychophysiological measurement.

Together, they will share NBCUniversal’s impressive database, the biggest client-owned database of MindProber Emotional Impact Score (EIS) metrics, and talk through the validity, reliability, and predictive power of GSR as a measure of attention. Lauren will also share with the audiences the way the partnership is allowing the NBCU to showcase and deliver significant value to sponsors and other advertisers.

To register for the in-person or live-stream event and learn more about AUDIENCExSCIENCE 2023 winning papers, visit the ARF website.


The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) flagship conference is an annual audience measurement event. The industry’s biggest names and brightest minds take part in discussions and share their latest work on the industry’s most pressing topics. This year the event aims to bring to light the most critical audience measurement issues and new research.

About MindProber

MindProber enables media companies to truly comprehend the emotional impact of their content on consumers. Our proprietary sensor, mobile app, and platform assess how content affects people psychologically, as well as how engaged they are. MindProber goes beyond eye-tracking, facial coding, and audience ratings to provide data and actionable insights that let media organizations create more engaging content to sell ads, increase commercial efficacy, and amplify brands.

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