MindProber is now called Mediaprobe

MindProber is now called Mediaprobe – A Word from our CEO

Mindprober is now called Mediaprobe. Our new name is part of our rebranding to fully represent setting the new standard for next-gen measurement across all media.

We were founded to deliver automated consumer neuroscience at scale. Our early proof of concept went beyond creative testing and consumer projects into measuring the true emotional impact of live broadcasts, from debates to sporting events. We took the technology out of the lab and into viewers’ homes, using galvanic skin response (GSR) to monitor consumers’ overall response to media in real time.

Early client engagements validated the potential, and by scaling GSR acquisition, we developed the first scalable, objective metric of advertising and media effectiveness.

Traditional research methods don’t measure the right thing (emotion) at the right time (while watching) in the right place (home). But our scalable physiological GSR measurement provides the most powerful set of metrics in the industry to predict outcomes:

  1. Validity: A true measure of the emotional intensity of media, reflecting second-by-second impact of the media on the consumer
  2. Reliability: Highly stable across samples
  3. Predictive Power: A strong correlation from content to commercial pods and association with external outcomes such as brand recall

For the first time, media measurement goes beyond counting eyeballs to deliver metrics that enable understanding and activation based on the emotional effect of media on consumers. We pioneered Emotional Impact Scores (EIS) to go beyond what traditional and legacy methodologies can do in terms of delivering a true, objective measure of emotional engagement. EIS allows media and advertisers to understand how their target audience is feeling and reacting to content. It gives them actionable insights to optimize content, improve impression quality and placement effectiveness, and maximize the value of broadcasts, sponsorships and advertisements.

In recognition of this groundbreaking media analytics solution and the associated shift in how content producers, distributors and brands can measure and deliver quality impressions across all media — including linear TV, CTV, streaming, social media and audio — we are proud to introduce our new name.

We have helped the biggest names in broadcasting use media measurement to validate the value of their inventory. And whether we are empowering clients to make more informed production decisions, allowing them to insert commercial integrations in the most impactful moments, or enabling their ad sales teams to charge premiums for spots and sponsorships, we remain true to our founding principles: scientific rigor, full transparency in methods and data, and a devotion to deliver value and improved outcomes to our clients through better media measurement.

Welcome to Mediaprobe.

Pedro Almeida
CEO and Co-founder of Mediaprobe
05 June, 2023

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