// Mediaprobe Methodology

Capturing Emotions

When it comes to media research, it is not easy to measure true audience engagement. Explicit responses do not possess a sufficient level of detail, and neuroscientific measuring of audiences’ emotional engagement signals has so far been done in laboratories. This affects the consumer experience with the media content and the validity of the assessment itself. Why? Because it does not happen in consumers’ natural context and the surrounding where they consume content the most – at their homes.

Mediaprobe platform is the answer to these challenges. We have developed our technology and methodology to help media organizations see the consumers’ emotional engagement with the content.

Here’s how it all works.

// Mediaprobe Methodology

Consumer panel

It all starts with recruiting and fully characterizing a media consumer panel. Thanks to our small, portable, wireless, research-grade sensor, we can activate hundreds or thousands of panelists from our panel communities across the world.

Once the panelists receive the sensors in the post, it’s time to set them up and download the Mediaprobe mobile app. When this is done, we invite panelists to participate in the sessions via mobile app push notifications and e-mail.

// Mediaprobe Methodology

Measuring Emotional Engagement

Panelists watch or listen to the target content while their emotional data is captured. Data is synced with the content flawlessly using Audio Content Recognition technology.

Engagement is calculated by the level of emotional activation as panelists are consuming the content on their computers, TV, or smart speakers.

Besides galvanic skin response monitoring, we register panelists’ Dial responses through the Mediaprobe mobile app: panelists are instructed to press a like/dislike button every time they like or dislike a particular scene.

// Mediaprobe methodology

Timeline Metrics

MindProber dashboard emotional engagement 2

Biometrics – second-by-second emotional engagement calculated from the average of galvanic skin response signal. This is a very robust measure of emotional activation.

Dial Activity – second-by-second dial responses calculated from the number of panelists who press “like” and “dislike” on the app on each second.

Affective Space: Combination of real-time Emotional Data and Dial activity!

The full perception of how impactful and memorable a particular element was.

Higher arousal = memorable event!

// Mediaprobe methodology

Analysis Platform: Events Tagging

All the advertisement spots and editorial aspects may be isolated using the Events Tagging tool on the Mediaprobe dashboard. Our powerful analysis platform automatically calculates the impact metric for each event characterized. Once the characterization is completed, comparisons between the categories chosen are possible directly on our platform.

MindProber tagging tool

The ability to objectively monitor emotional engagement with audiovisual content at scale brings a wealth of new possibilities.

Capture Emotions